Why I Love my Essential Oil Diffuser

My grandmother has always been really into natural remedies +  everything health-related and I think the older I get the more I become interested in those things as well. It's almost fascinating to me that so much of what is beneficial or necessary to our bodies come from plants and animals around us - starting with food and going to essential oils.

For Christmas last year, I bought my grandmother a mini essential oil diffuser, and she loved it! I decided to get one for myself and haven't regretted it for a second. (This is the link to it - it was only around $15 and has been going strong every night for almost a year.) I keep it by my bedside on an automated timer and when I go to bed I watch it switch colors - it's pretty neat! I find it so relaxing to watch and listen to the water before I hit the hay for the night. As much as it's so fun to watch, one of the best things about having a diffuser is all the health benefits. Every oil put into it has its own superpower and just by breathing it in, you're getting those benefits. Decongestion, soothed headaches, improved sleep, and reduced anxiety are just a few of the many things essential oils do for us! I love almost all the smells of the oils, so I don't just diffuse them because it feels like something I have to do to be "healthy" or because I know it has lots of pros. I chose to purchase my diffuser because I enjoy the smell + sight and the health benefits are an extra bonus!

Essential oils can be kind of pricey, especially upper-end brands, so I only have two that I put in my diffuser, but it's been working out well! I have a "health shield" for all those days in the winter when everything in public is infected and "good sleep" for de-stressing and getting good rest on busy school nights. Maybe soon I'll invest in getting a package of a bunch of the basic oils! These aren't just used to be diffused and can be used as cleaners, in your skincare routine, and as a freshening spray. In case you're wondering about some of the common oils and their benefits, I did some research and put together what I learned :)

Lavender - relaxing (it's in my good sleep oil) and good for relieving headaches. It's suggested it may also help improve anxiety and restlessness.
Eucalyptus - aids in the healing of respiratory conditions like asthma, controls and helps stop coughing, decongests sinuses, and can be used to relieve muscle pain.
Rosemary - improves the health of hair + skin, aids in digestion, removes bad odors, and relieves stress.
Peppermint - my grandmother gave this to my dad and sister and said it's supposed to help get rid of migraines, but it also smells really dang good for Christmas time (so soon!!!! I'm holding off celebrating until the day after Thanksgiving and then it's all the πŸ€ΆπŸŽ…πŸŽ„❤πŸ’š) and can aid in muscle aches.
Tea tree - reduces scars for clearer skin (my mom used to also make my siblings and I wash our hair with this when lice was going around the school - we never got it, so this must've worked 🀣)
Lemongrass - insect repellent + heals wounds
Frankincense - improves memory, helps fight cancer, and boosts the immune system

Stay on the sunny side,