Finding your Artsy Side

Throughout these past few months with field hockey, I've taken a step back from being fully committed to involving myself with other bloggers and companies, posting consistently, and writing with full passion. My mind always seems to be elsewhere when I'm writing, like how I should be studying for that upcoming test, how I need to be practicing field hockey, or that I could be out playing with my siblings, so posts always get put on the back burner while everything else gets done. I think that with all the stress of school and playing, the thing I really needed during the season was to be able to sit down and write everything down here, but I always just chugged through (#studentathletegrind) and here we are. I'm one of those people that thrives when I'm busy and I can't just sit around and do nothing, so this fall - my first year of high school and playing a high school sport - has been great. I've learned that sometimes you've just gotta prioritize because you won't always to be able to get everything you want to get done finished. I quickly said goodbye to being able to get all my homework for the week done on Monday night and have learned that I'll go insane if I try to pull off getting all of an assignment done on Friday night so I have the rest of the weekend free.

Staying Healthy this Year

It's that time of year... head colds and stomach bugs and feeling under-the-weather. I'm sure it's the same for you, but I don't have any time to be sick. I can't miss school, can't miss field hockey, and need all my energy all the time. Last week, I felt like I was the only person that wasn't infected by the pesky cold that seems to take everybody down. My team had it, my family had it, and it seemed like everyone in my classes were getting up to get a tissue. Being sick weighs you down so much and I feel like I can never find any motivation because all I want to do is sleep. I'm going to do all I can this year to keep all the germs, viruses, and colds away.

Quotes + Lessons I'm Taking with me to High School

Inspiration for posts is running low - maybe because I've been really focused on field hockey, maybe because I was enjoying the last few days of summer with my family before school started, but whatever it is, it's been putting blogging on the back burner. I'm not going to apologize because I don't think there's anything wrong with changing up your priorities so that a hobby isn't in the top 3, and hey, I didn't go anywhere permanently. Field hockey is going well, school is really busy - and a lot of work -but good, and I'm slowly but surely getting into the swing of things being able to manage both and have free time for things like blogging (although free time still isn't necessarily abundant). Alright, enough with the belly-aching, let's get to the positive stuff!! 

We'll take it back to a little bit before the start of school ←←

I knew high school was going to be something different - a little more exciting, a little more freedom, a little more work, and full of so many things that were unknown. I didn't know if my friends would change, teachers would be nice, or what team I would be on for field hockey. I didn't even know where any of my classes were, what time I had to be on the bus for an away game, or if I could use my phone or not. But I did know a lot of things; a lot of things I had been taught - whether it be by my parents, older - and even younger - siblings, other family members, teachers, coaches, and family friends. I knew that every day, you wake up, give thanks for what you have, and make your day the best one possible. I knew that even when things don't go your way you've just gotta roll with it. I knew that you won't always be the best athlete, the smartest, or the most popular, but you must always be the kindest. I knew that you can't make everyone happy and that's okay. I knew that with hard work, an open mind, and kindness, you can do almost anything you set your mind to. And I think that what I was taught is 100x more important than knowing how to open a locker or what to pack for a pre-practice snack (apples, nuts, and kind bars are good options, though). High school is going well so far, and I give credits to music, these quotes ↓, my field hockey team, and my awesome family for that! You all rock!

Trying New Foods

If you're following along on my Instagram, you've probably noticed a change in my feed - more posts of food. Food is, after all, a big part of our lives. While I strive to never be the type of person that discusses and tries to drive people away from foods labeled as "bad", nutrition has been something that has interested me since I was really little. Not nutrition as in labeling foods as "good" and "bad" and forcing myself to eat what's "good" and eliminating "bad' foods from my diet, but by learning what's beneficial to my body and what will give me the most energy, strength, and overall make me feel the best. This book has helped me understand the components of food and their benefits and drawbacks.

 The past couple weeks I've been trying out new recipes, foods, and meals, which has been both a struggle and a success. I discovered I love quinoa and strongly dislike raw kale. I love green tea lattes made with matcha, but I'm not a fan of straight-up green tea. I love cooked broccoli, but I can't get into cooked tomatoes. I can guarantee you there are wayyy more foods out there than the ones you know of. Every week at the grocery store, I try to pick up at least one thing I'm not familiar with or haven't tried. I've expanded my diet so much. Macadamia nuts. Hemp seeds. Almond oil. Coconut Chips. Dates. Chia seeds. Turmeric. And there are SO MANY MORE!! Think of all the foods you haven't tasted... have you heard of Spirulina? Noni Fruit? Royal Jelly? Because neither have I until like two days ago. Here are a few things I've been eating lately if you're looking for a little inspiration!!

these smoothie popsicles are the bomb!!
I used strawberries, blueberries, chia seeds, and coconut milk, but you can use anything you'd like to make a smoothie and then freeze it in a container like this!!

Fitting Into a Personality Type

With blogging, I've read that it's important to fit into a category - countless blogging guides tell you to pick a niche and stick to it. Even outside of blogging, a lot of times it's expected that our personalities are one-sided and limited to what can be grouped into a classification. A post - what personality type are you - came up on my Pinterest feed a little while back, so I clicked on it, read it through, and it left me puzzled. I couldn't stop thinking; I'm not any of these, I have a trait from almost every different one.

As a blogger and as a person, I don't fit into one category (and neither do you, most likely!!). No matter how hard I tried to suppress myself from overlapping personality types and writing niches, I outgrew having such a small space to work with, both in building my character and my blog posts. Ideas for posts became harder and harder to think of with a (strictly only) fashion blog. I contemplated what I did as an individual to make sure I didn't seem contradictory. I remember getting ready to hit publish on one of my posts that I had worked so hard on and really put a lot of thought into, but I stopped. My friends know me more as being a goofball  - what would they think of me if they read this? Would I confuse them? What would readers think? Would I confuse them too? Looking back now, it's a shame that I let the fear of being judged for a hidden aspect of my character get in the way of something I was proud of. I've become more confident in myself and in my writing by letting myself be anything I wanted to be... and you can do the exact same thing; there are no limits to your character. You can be a yogi that listens to hip-hop, a New Englander that doesn't like Dunkin Donuts (😜), or a 3-sport athlete that enjoys school. You can be sweet and shy but not afraid to stand up for yourself. You can be super Type-A about school/work, but laid-back with everything else. You can dress preppy but wear sweatpants when you want. Our personalities are too rich and intricate to be categorized... and that's a good thing. You have so much to offer; don't limit yourself because of a standard you think you have to live by.

As for me? Well, I'm into healthy eating, but I respect my ice cream. I can be super sarcastic, but a lot of my posts are personal and heartfelt. I love school, but I would go nuts if it weren't for the weekends. I wear dresses, sweaters, and blouses to school, but I'm perfectly content in Under Armour shorts and a t-shirt. I'm Meghan - not a hypocrite, not contradictory, not two-faced. And no matter who you are, you can have a detailed, vibrant, elaborate personality that can't be categorized - and that's a pretty cool thing.

Stay on the sunny side,

Here's the Scoop

HI friends!!! Long time no see; at least as far as personal posts go. My last post - after a month break - (SLACKER) was sponsored by Smile Brilliant, a teeth whitening company I fell in love with immediately after trying, but I really haven't written anything personable lately, and I feel so guilty for it. It would be a waste of my time and yours to try to come up with an excuse for not posting other than the fact that I've been a lazy bones. As silly as it might sound, I get way less done when I don't have much to do; when I'm busy, I can plan everything out and accomplish so much more than a summer day when there's absolutely nothing going on - I tend to end up chilling by the pool all day.

title make sense now? Emmy and I had a little "ice cream party" together (Charlie joined too) on a picnic blanket to celebrate my first day home from camp... maybe I'm biased but she's the cutest

The Key to a Bright Smile + Other Beauty Tips

I feel so weird writing "beauty tips" in a title of one of my posts because that's so not me. I wear mascara maybe twice a month, throw my hair in a bun often, and never have my nails painted; I'm not very high maintenance. With that being said, don't take that phrase as having to do with being glamorous and all - you don't have to be a beauty queen to take good care of skin... or your hair... or your teeth. Not at all, actually. All this being said, I do think looking (and feeling) somewhat presentable is important.

Each night, I make sure that among the many other things I have to do, there's always time to take care of my face, teeth, and hair so I'm ready to rock and roll the next morning!

Pearly-White Teeth
I'm not going to deny that I've always been a little obsessed with super white, straight teeth. Soooo you can imagine that the first day without braces, I immediately wanted to start whitening mine. My teeth are suuuuper sensitive, and after looking into a bunch of different methods, I knew that strips wouldn't be the most comfortable. I tried charcoal for a while, but the only outcome was turning three toothbrushes black. Although I usually swear by coconut oil, oil pulling didn't seem to work either.