Staying Healthy this Year

It's that time of year... head colds and stomach bugs and feeling under-the-weather. I'm sure it's the same for you, but I don't have any time to be sick. I can't miss school, can't miss field hockey, and need all my energy all the time. Last week, I felt like I was the only person that wasn't infected by the pesky cold that seems to take everybody down. My team had it, my family had it, and it seemed like everyone in my classes were getting up to get a tissue. Being sick weighs you down so much and I feel like I can never find any motivation because all I want to do is sleep. I'm going to do all I can this year to keep all the germs, viruses, and colds away.

Sleeeeeeeep  //  It's always been a priority of mine to get as much sleep as I possibly can during the week. I always get between 7-9 hours a night depending on how late I stay up doing homework, but I'm not a night owl and I don't have any interest in being up until one am no matter what I'm doing. I try my best to manage my time well and leave time for a good nights sleep. Your immune system can't be cranking if you don't give yourself rest!!! 

Supplements  //  As soon as I hear rumor of a cold, I start taking zinc, vitamin c, and elderberry. Every morning before school, just to be safe, I take anti-virus; you can never be too safe!! (Call me crazy, but this girl refuses!! to get sick)

 Get outside!!  //  I'm a huge outdoors girl, but during the colder months, I'm not the most interested in going out just to freeze my bumb off. Last year I didn't get sick once and I swear it was because despite risking getting frostbite (only a little dramatic) I was outside so often. A few mornings I took a fuzzy blanket out onto the front porch, made a cup of coffee, and sat out there all bundled up to enjoy the fresh air. I trecked through the knee-high snow to go for a run or walk and always made an attempt to spend at least 15 minutes of the day outside. The fresh air always felt really good (aside from being frigid) and I think was a big part of me staying healthy all year round.

Eat fruits and veggies  //  The cold weather encourages more spaghetti, cookies, and mashed potatoes more than a salad with leafy greens, a fresh smoothie, or grilled chicken. That's not a bad thing - I mean, who doesn't love spaghetti and mashed potatoes?! - but it doesn't work to your benefit having all starchy, sugary foods when your immune system is already trying its hardest to fight off all the sicknesses going around. Including fruits and veggies into your day of eating never hurts :)

KOMBUCHA  //  If you asked me two weeks ago what I thought of it, I'd probably give you an earful about how I wasn't a fan. But here we are and I'm actually writing about drinking it (forget baby steps). If you were like 2-week-ago me and can't tolerate the taste, I gotcha. It's not the easiest taste to automatically love, but I stand by the thought that it does get more tolerable the more you drink it. Of all of the brands I've tried before, Health-Ade will forever remain my favorite (pomegranate and pink lady apple flavors in particular). Did you know it may actually improve your mental health and is good for your cardiovascular system? Read this about all its benefits!!

Stay on the sunny side,