14 Years!

I'm on level 14 as of Saturday!! Thirteen was a great year filled with many smiles, laughs, great people, trips to the beach, and cups of coffee. I'm infinitely grateful for the new friends I made, opportunities I was given, family members that have continued to be my number one fans, and lessons I learned throughout the past year. My life surely wouldn't be the same without such wonderful people in it - you know who you are and I hope you know how much I appreciate you. Before I turn this into something that sounds too much like a graduation speech, here are some reflections on year thirteen...

Switching Gears

When I started my blog a year ago, I knew what I wanted to focus on - fashion. I had no problem writing, putting up posts, or taking pictures. I enjoyed every second of what I did and don't regret a second of the time I put into it. But that's not what I want anymore. I'm getting sick of being in front of the camera, feeling pressured to wear a nice outfit all the time, and shopping for new clothes to write about... all of which I never thought I'd say. I didn't start my blog to make money or to work with companies or to become more well-known online. I do this because it's what I enjoy - and if I'm not enjoying it, what's the point of continuing? No, I'm not shutting this down. In fact, I'm doing the opposite.

Ice Cream Treat With A Friend

Maybe it's that it's "light" ice cream or maybe it's that I'm a sucker for the all flavors, but Arctic Zero is some of the best ice cream I've had... and I'm so down with it because they're not packed with harmful ingredients. Honestly speaking, when I hear of an ice cream with low fat and low calories, I don't imagine it to be, let's say, the yummiest thing out there. I was wrong. Really wrong. When Cailin and I tried the new flavors Arctic Zero was kind enough to send me - thanks again!! - I think our eyes lit up. "Meg, these are really good."

I guess my title should say "Ice Cream Treat With Friends"... Emmy tagged along for the taste test. Her favorite flavor was Mint & Chocolate Cookies - mine too! We must be sisters or something 😜

Cailin's favorite was Chocolate Chunk... calling all chocolate enthusiasts!!

I think I talk about Cailin a lot but haven't shared a picture, so here she is!! ⇩⇩