A Clear View with Warby Parker

Ever since I was little, glasses were always the coolest thing. (Why? I have no idea. Maybe because my older sister wore them?!) I love tortoise glasses, and they look so sophisticated, but I don't have a strong prescription, so I don't necessarily need to wear them. I always thought that buying glasses just for fashion was a waste of money, but I must confess that I really want to get a pair this year. I keep picturing how cute they'll look with a cozy sweater in the fall and white jeans in the spring, which makes me want to buy a pair even more! (I have an ongoing bad habit of obsessing over something until I convince myself to spend the money and get it. Not good, I know!!) I've been looking at a few online places to get a pair of glasses, and when Warby Parker reached out to me, I looked at their website and immediately fell in love with this pair!

On a similar note, Warby Parker just released new eyeglasses in the Fall Concentric collection. They have the nicest glasses, and I'm so excited about some of their new styles for the fall, especially this pair! You can take a peek at some of their other new eyeglasses from the collection below! 

The glasses above are currently out of stock.

The two tortoise ones above are my preference, but the other pairs below are fun and add a pop of color to any outfit! 

Glasses above

Do you wear glasses? How do you like this new style in the Fall Concentric collection?

3 Great Looks for the Fall

I love summer and never want it to end, but I can't help but think about cozy sweaters and riding boots. With crisp, cool air and changing leaves, fall is such a special season here in New England! I can't wait to carve pumpkins, try hot cider for the first time, go apple picking, and pick up a dozen warm cider donuts from a small market on the lake. With cooler weather, fashion in the fall is extra special. Nothing screams cozy more than a puffer vest and oversized plaid flannel shirt, right?! I've rallied up a few of my favorite looks for the fall (for both men and women) with the help of Bonobos and their new fall collection! Enjoy! 

Cream white 
I've always loved off-white for fall, but this year I'm definitely more on board with it than I've ever been. Off-white cable knit sweaters look great (and very formal) with dark jeans and riding boots, but can be dressed down with light wash ripped jeans and brown Sperry's. You can shop my favorite creme cable knit sweaters below, along with a Patagonia vest that I've been eyeing since last year!

Untitled #1

Sweater  |  Gingham shirt  |  Sperry boat shoes  |  Jeans

Other off-white favorites:

I think of plaid as more of a fall and winter pattern, and the first thing that comes to mind when I hear of it is snuggling up by the fire in a pair of oversized flannel pajamas (even though I don't think I've ever done it before). Plaid flannel shirts look great on both men and women, so I put together a men's and women's outfit for fall! You can shop some of my other plaid favorites below!

For him 

Untitled #2
Other plaid favorites for men:

For her

Untitled #3

Vest |  Plaid shirt |  Riding boots  |  Jeans

Other plaid favorites for women:

Army green
 I didn't always like this color or even the thought of it, but in some styles of clothing, I think it's perfectly appropriate. Utility jackets, vests, and even some pants in this color just scream fall. Bonobos has so many great army green items for men, from chino pants to sweaters.

For him 

Untitled #4

Utility Jacket  |  Polo Shirt (similar)  |  Jeans  |  Belt  |  Shoes

How Bonobos styles an army green utility jacket:

For her

Untitled #5

Vest  |  Plaid shirt  |  Jeans  |  Loafers

Other army green favorites for women:

I hope you enjoyed all the looks I put together for the upcoming season and got some new outfit inspiration! What are your favorite colors and patterns for the fall?  

A Face Mask I Can Actually Wear

Face masks have always given me the impression that the second after I use them my face will become completely clear and I'll never get even one more pimple again. For this reason, I've always wanted to try one, but of course, my face breaks out in little red bumps every time I use an inorganic facial product (snobby, I know). My skin is mostly clear, so I wanted a face mask that would hydrate my skin while preventing potential breakouts... but I'm (embarrassingly) guilty of using them just for the feeling of putting one on. I finally found a mask that would be gentle on my skin, and (according to the description) ease inflammation, dark under-eye circles, and puffiness. It's also said to tighten skin and clear blemishes. What more could I ask for?! Being completely honest, I was so skeptical of trying this product that was sent to me because I wasn't sure how my skin would respond. I'm not one to write false sponsored posts, so I mean it when I say that this face mask is a miracle! That means - no - it didn't bother my skin one bit! I haven't had one pimple on my face after using it, and I love the days where I can put on my face mask, grab a cool cup of water, and read or blog while I wait for it to dry! I definitely recommend considering Mississippi Miracle Clay if you're looking into buying a new and effective face mask! 

Thank you, Mississippi Miracle Clay, for sponsoring this post! I am so thankful I found your products!

A Day With the Babies

There's an overwhelmingly large amount of occupations to choose from, but when I was only about eight, I decided I wanted to be a neonatologist - otherwise known as a doctor that takes care of sick babies when they're born - and it's never changed. I pretty much decided that's what I would want to do for the rest of my life without hardly knowing what the job consisted of, but as a super orderly, excessively uptight, type A child, I had my life planned out before I figured out the tooth fairy isn't real. 

Anyways, I was offered the opportunity to shadow a Pediatric doctor at a local hospital, and I took it in a heartbeat! I learned so much amazing science about the body of a baby, how to tell if they're healthy or not, and I got to see some adorable little ones! Visiting the hospital and getting more familiar with what the job consists of made me fall in love with the career even more, and the babies absolutely melted my heart. Lately, I've caught myself wishing to fast forward just a few years so I can be hired and spend the rest of my life with precious little humans under 10 pounds. (I'm pretty sure I'm the only teenager that wants to get a job and go to work every day, but I undeniably can't wait!!) 

When I arrived at the hospital, I met up with the doctor, and she showed me a Power Point about how she examines babies to make sure they're healthy. Granted it was super complex (because it was made for students that have already completed medical school and were completing their internship and residencies), she simplified it for me as much as she could, and I learned a lot. Here are a few of my favorite facts that I never knew before:

1. Babies are blue when they are first born

Yes, you read that right - blue!! Because they don't have or need any oxygen in their blood when in the womb, their skin is blue when they're born, but it quickly changes to a healthy, normal color! 

2. Babies have a built-in "moisturizer" when in the womb

They have a white paste-like substance on their skin while they are in the womb, which serves as a moisturizer to protect their skin from shriveling up from the fluids around them. If you look at a baby shortly after they were born, you can see what hasn't been wiped off. It isn't harmful to a baby for it to stay on, but it usually comes off in their first bath.

Science is amazing, isn't it?! I soaked up all the information she told me like a sponge, and then she took me to go watch a scheduled C-Section. Blood doesn't bother me, so I didn't pass out while watching the procedure (thank God)! I got the chills when I heard the baby's first cry, and was so thankful to have been given the incredible opportunity as to be able to experience that moment. We finished up the day by checking in on multiple different babies, and I was able to help examine them, listen to their breathing, and dress them up in their tiny little clothes! I strongly suggest that if you have taken an interest in a certain occupation and think it's something you want to pursue, that you reach out and try to find someone that you can shadow for a day! Spending time with someone that has the profession you are interested in will help you decide if that career is the right or wrong path for you to take, and for me, I think neonatology is definitely the right one.

This is the outfit I wore for the day! I linked a similar dress below and the company that the necklace is from! Be on the lookout, because the necklace usually comes back every fall or winter!

Necklace  |  Similar Dress  |  Similar Shoes

Beating the Back-to-School Blues

It's kind of pathetic that I'm writing a whole post about coping with the fact that school is starting up again, but for some reason, I feel it's utterly necessary. Truth be told, I love learning, (if I didn't, my life would be miserable) but just the thought of having to wake up early and not be able to go to the beach makes me wish that summer would last forever. I'm starting to realize now that no matter how long or hard I wish for the beginning of school to hold off a few more months, it's coming quickly... and I need to be prepared (I'm overly neurotic about always being on top of things). For all of you that are dreading starting back up with routines, sports and school, I'm sharing a few things that make me feel a bit more excited about what's to come!

Upcoming Holidays
I mean, who doesn't love Thanksgiving and Christmas?! I keep telling myself that the sooner the school year starts, the sooner the holiday season starts. I could celebrate Christmas all year long and never get sick of it, so I couldn't be happier that it's not too far away (eeeek!!)! Halloween is a bonus because it splits up the months and gives us a little something to look forward to!

Football Season 
I mean, who isn't excited to watch their high school or college team play football?! Not to mention that all my fellow New Englanders are totally pumped to watch the Patriots play every week now! (I'm sure everyone else is looking forward to watching their NFL team play as well!)

Less Time on my Phone
I love social media and am a true Instagram lover, but keeping up with everything online is getting tiring. I'm so thankful that I'm a sound sleeper because when I wake up in the morning and see a million notifications on my screen, all I can imagine is how much noise my phone made throughout the night. That doesn't bother me as much as the fact that I feel like I'm constantly checking my phone. I'm so done with feeling the urge to make sure I'm up-to-date with everything happening online. It will be nice to detach by spending the day in school WITHOUT being on my phone.

Fall Fashion
Vests, sweaters, boots, jeans. Fall has to be my favorite season for fashion (in theory). I'm so excited to start putting together some outfits for the blog, and can't wait for you to see them!

For me personally // Featured in a Magazine 
This October, you should see me in the Top of the Pops magazine! I was invited to be on one of the pages by an editor of the magazine, and after reviewing it with my parents, we decided together that it seems legitimate and safe! I'm so excited for the edition to come out, which is keeping me enthralled!

I hope this post helped you get somewhat more excited about the dreaded start of school! Let me know in the comments what upcoming things you're looking forward to that are helping you beat the back-to-school blues! 

Put a Little Prep in your School Supplies

I'm SO over plain school supplies. I mean, a white binder, blue calculator, and clear binder pouch are just B-O-R-I-N-G!! This year, I was determined to do something fun and interesting with my school supplies, and while scrolling through my Instagram feed for an embarrassingly long time, the idea popped into my head - put some prep in them! I thought about a few of my favorite things - monograms, Vineyard Vines, and the beach - and put them all together to make sure that my school supplies for this year will be anything but mediocre. 

Binders // As for my binders, I put some cursive monograms on coastal-themed scrapbooking paper that I bought in a book of many different sheets. Any patterned paper would add a little bit of pizzazz to a basic one-color binder, so have fun with picking out what you're going to use!

Calculator // Oh. My. Goodness. This anchor decal could quite possibly be my favorite sticker I've ever seen, nonetheless actually owned! It's so nautical, and trust me, if it can make a calculator look good, I'm sure it will look great on anything else you own!

Binder Pouch // I pulled out the classic Vineyard Vines sticker, and boom, my clear binder pouch is looking fabulous! Vineyard Vines will always be one of my favorite brands, and I can't get over how adorable their logo is, so I chose to use theirs, but any sticker will work great for adding a little character to even your most boring items!

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I decorated my supplies for this upcoming school year! Let me know how YOU decorated YOUR school supplies! 

Thank you, Southeast Monograms, for sponsoring this post! I love your company and products! 

A Major Style Change

I wish I could tell you I've always loved fashion, but that would be a complete and total lie. The truth of the matter is, I hated all clothes (other than Justice, Under Armour, and Nike) up until about two years ago. When I was a toddler, my mom would dress my sister in the cutest argyle socks, polo shirts, and ruffled dresses. I, however, was completely content in my sequin Justice sweatsuit, which I wouldn't be caught dead wearing now. (Yes, I'm guilty of rocking the "I 💙 Gymnastics" yoga pants.) My poor mother would beg me to wear something at least half presentable, but I wanted absolutely nothing to do with fashion. I hated ruffles, bows, pink, jeans, skirts, dresses, collared shirts, and pretty much everything else I like now. When my dad placed a big order from Vineyard Vines and asked me if I wanted anything, I turned down the opportunity in a heartbeat. When my parents took my sister and I shopping for back-to-school clothes, they couldn't even bribe me to get new dresses. Sometimes, my mom bought clothes for me in hopes that one day I would wake up and want to look nice, but nope - they just sat in the back of my drawers and collected dust.

 When I turned 10, I gave up Justice (you know, the store that sells makeup with asbestos in it, and looks like a Bedazzler exploded inside) and got into Nike and Under Armour. For my birthday, my grandmother took me shopping to the outlets near my house, which consist of Vineyard Vines, J.Crew Factory, Talbots, and other top-notch brands, but the only stores we even entered were Nike and Under Armour. I got some new Nike Elite socks, neon yellow sneakers, and graphic t-shirts, and was happy as could be. I'm not sure why I decided to wear nicer clothes, but one of my favorite things to do now is to shop for and wear well put-together outfits! 

This shirt is one that I LOVE now, but would never have even considered wearing a few years ago. It's crazy how much someone's style can change! I hope you liked my little story and enjoy the following pictures! This top is only $12, and you can find the direct link to it at the end of this post! Also, my shorts are from Tommy Hilfiger, but I linked a similar pair from Old Navy! 

Have you always enjoyed fashion, or is your story like mine? Let me know in the comments!

Top  |  Shorts (similar)  |  Bracelet

Top 5 Realistic Fiction Books

Reading is one of my favorite things to do, but during the school year, I never have the time. In the summer, however, I can pick up a 250-page book and read it in one day, no problem - but ONLY if it is really interesting! Good books can be incredibly hard to find, so I'm writing about my five favorite realistic-fiction novels in hopes that you will enjoy them as well! 

The Fault in Our Stars // Hazel, a 16-year-old girl that can't seem to focus on anything besides her cancer, crosses paths with a boy that changes her aspect on life for the better. This book tells the story of their journey to make the best out of life, and will forever be one of my favorites! 

Small as an Elephant // Jack was promised a fun summer at a campground with his mother, but when she packs up all of her belongings and leaves, he is left trying to find his way back to her safely. I have read this book three times now, and it hasn't gotten old!

Lock and Key // This novel documents the life of Ruby Cooper, who was abandoned by her mother (why do all the books I like to read have the mother leave?!) and now lives with her sister and brother-in-law. Though she refuses to admit it, Ruby subtly falls in love with the boy that lives next door.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas // This Holocaust novel is truly eye-opening; telling the story of a young boy in a Nazi concentration camp that becomes friends with Bruno, who is the son of a German soldier, this book always keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Counting by 7s // Willow is a smart, shy, and very different twelve-year-old girl that doesn't have many friends. When both of her adoptive parents die in a car accident, she is left feeling alone. While trying to find her way in life, Willow embraces her remarkably different personality and starts to connect with other individuals.

I hope you like these novels! Have you read any of them before? If I missed your favorite fiction book, let me know what it is - I am in need of new books to read!