Hello, hello!! I'm SO excited to introduce my small business I just started up!!! I've been busy getting the new website up and running, making designs, and shipping out orders so I'm so excited to finally get around to sharing the news here!

my stickers!! shop here
I started A Sunny Life Designs as an extension of this blog, and it's been such a fun experience creating designs and learning how to run a business! I got an IPad for Christmas and immediately began drawing with the intention of creating fun, happy stickers for myself and my friends! I sold them on Redbubble for a little while but eventually decided to open my own online store. Within half an hour of opening the website and launching the stickers, two of my designs immediately sold out, and the other three designs were down to only a few left! I was over the moon excited when I opened my dashboard and saw the orders waiting to be fulfilled!

Flash forward a few weeks and my dad had found me a printing press and I placed a $1,500 order of sweatshirts to design and sell. I lettered the quote "it's a good day to have a good day" -- what I tell myself every morning -- and ordered the print to press onto the sweatshirts. I've had about 25 orders so far from 10 different states!!

shop this hoodie here

It's been so fun for me to share my doodles and I really hope that everyone who orders a sweatshirt or sticker feels all the joy I put into making them! 

I hope you love the designs and that they inspire you to live your sunniest life! 

my other hoodie design! it also comes in mint blue!

P.S. I plan on expanding my store within the next few months by adding new items -- t-shirts, tote bags, more designs -- so be on the lookout!!