Here's the Scoop

HI friends!!! Long time no see; at least as far as personal posts go. My last post - after a month break - (SLACKER) was sponsored by Smile Brilliant, a teeth whitening company I fell in love with immediately after trying, but I really haven't written anything personable lately, and I feel so guilty for it. It would be a waste of my time and yours to try to come up with an excuse for not posting other than the fact that I've been a lazy bones. As silly as it might sound, I get way less done when I don't have much to do; when I'm busy, I can plan everything out and accomplish so much more than a summer day when there's absolutely nothing going on - I tend to end up chilling by the pool all day.

title make sense now? Emmy and I had a little "ice cream party" together (Charlie joined too) on a picnic blanket to celebrate my first day home from camp... maybe I'm biased but she's the cutest

The Key to a Bright Smile + Other Beauty Tips

I feel so weird writing "beauty tips" in a title of one of my posts because that's so not me. I wear mascara maybe twice a month, throw my hair in a bun often, and never have my nails painted; I'm not very high maintenance. With that being said, don't take that phrase as having to do with being glamorous and all - you don't have to be a beauty queen to take good care of skin... or your hair... or your teeth. Not at all, actually. All this being said, I do think looking (and feeling) somewhat presentable is important.

Each night, I make sure that among the many other things I have to do, there's always time to take care of my face, teeth, and hair so I'm ready to rock and roll the next morning!

Pearly-White Teeth
I'm not going to deny that I've always been a little obsessed with super white, straight teeth. Soooo you can imagine that the first day without braces, I immediately wanted to start whitening mine. My teeth are suuuuper sensitive, and after looking into a bunch of different methods, I knew that strips wouldn't be the most comfortable. I tried charcoal for a while, but the only outcome was turning three toothbrushes black. Although I usually swear by coconut oil, oil pulling didn't seem to work either.