Roundup of my Favorite Recipes

HIII!! I hope you enjoyed all the mashed potatoes, pies, and turkey on Thanksgiving and realized all there is to be thankful for! But nowwwww, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 🎅🎄🤶 I've already watched 3 Hallmark movies, decorated my room, and had a candy cane - I don't mess around with the holiday season ;) I'm hoping to start posting Christmas content next week, but I'm still sorting through all my ideas! (This makes me SO excited, I love this time of year!!)

Per request, today I've rounded up all of my favorite foods from my insta stories - breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, smoothies, you name it! Everyone I talk to always seems so interested in more fitness and nutrition posts here, so here I am, sharing all these yummy "recipes" in an attempt to inspire you to spice up your meals and eat nourishing, fulfilling food! 

Chicken salad is my forever-favorite lunch - it's so quick + easy and can easily be spiced up - I used walnuts in this sandwich, but I have another picture further down with craisins! 

I was messing around and experimenting with frozen treats in the summer, so I came up with this yogurt bark! It's coconut milk yogurt (So Delicious brand) with small pieces of strawberries, blueberries, and granola. 

A full plate full of all snacks, but healthy ones! When we're running low on groceries in the house, my lunch on the weekends is usually an apple with almond butter + chia seeds mixed into it. I LOVE berries with any lunch and meal I have, so I'm usually the one that eats the whole container of strawberries in one day... oops! 

When in doubt, chuck a bunch of veggies in a bowl with some chia seeds + dressing and be on with your day! This bowl is a lot bigger than it looks, so I was filled (from just veggies) before I could even finish them all. I stayed full for the majority of the rest of the day with the help of my rice cake... 10/10 recommend this!

Chicken salad... again! This time with carrots + pretzel thins

Quinoa salad... 100!!! I bring it to school, have it for lunch + dinner, and can put in the fridge for the next day, which is the best part. I typically put in grilled chicken, carrots, and broccoli

These chia bars are so yummy but really, really teeny. I think I could eat the whole box in one snack. I still haven't gotten used to the stickiness of goji berries in yogurt and just eaten by themselves, but they're delicious in smoothies and have so many health benefits!

My favorite pizza - basil pesto with lactose-free sharp cheese, baked in the oven. When it's done baking, I put spinach, tomato, carrots, peppers + any veggies around on top with balsamic vinegar dressing!

Oats w/ almond milk, apples, cinammon

I found this granola at Big Y that is dairy free and is made directly from oats and honey. It has sunflower seeds, walnuts, and almonds in it, but I add some type of fruit + chia seeds and eat it as cereal! 

Yogurt bowls never get old and neither do smoothies!!

I think my motto should be to always add chia seeds because I honestly put them on everything I eat. No exaggeration. Smoothies, granola, salad, homemade pizza. There's no downside to them and multiple benefits, so you can't go wrong!

Happy Tuesday + remember...

Stay on the sunny side,