Last-Minute Gifts from Amazon

There's less than a week until Christmas and my list still isn't fully checked off - I'm a slacker. I'm usually so good about getting my shopping done so I don't have anything to stress about, but I feel like there haven't been many things that truly catch my eye for the last ones left on my list. It's too late to order anything online from most websites, so Amazon has really been a lifesaver. With 2-day Prime shipping, I know that I can avoid the mayhem of stores and still get all my gifts in time for Christmas! Here are my favorite items on Amazon right now - get shopping!

HDE Womens Winter Gloves Crochet Twist Cable Knit Hand Warmer Mittens,White,One Size
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What to Do When You're Having a Hectic Day

Ok, this week has been so crazy. I haven't been feeling 100% myself and I've had so many tests in school. I really can't complain because of all the college students taking finals, but no one (no matter their age) likes to be swamped with work. I wasn't feeling the most inspired to write and get a post up on Tuesday, but now that I'm back, I'm realizing how much blogging serves as a stress-reliever for me. 

It's so important to me to really make sure I'm taking care of myself even when I feel like I don't have the time. It doesn't really go over well when I study all evening and never give my mind or body a break - I start to lose my focus, I get frustrated, and I'm more tempted to just stop altogether. I've thought up all my favorite things to slow down the madness of a crazy week/day.

Take a hot shower  //  Play some music through a speaker and get in the shower. Even though I have to do it every night, this helps me relax and wind down when I'm really stressed. When you get out, start fresh!

Go for a run  //  I definitely prefer running outdoors, but even just hopping on the treadmill when things are hectic clears your mind. I always get really into my run and it becomes my primary focus, which takes my mind off of all other things.

Check your phone  //  I always try to put my phone away when I'm studying or doing homework, so taking a little break to check social media and answer all my messages from friends is a nice little break. I hate knowing that I have unread messages, which I kind of hate myself for, but getting to check in to make sure everything is opened (why am I like that?!) makes me feel so much more content.

Snack break!!  //  I went downstairs to have a little bowl of popcorn to break up my studying last night and I swear I was a new person when I returned. I don't think eating while working plays out very well, (I seem to feel rushed) so taking a break to fuel up helps me go back into things with a new focus. 

What do you do when you're having a crazy day and need to take a breather? 

5 Christmas Movies You Need to Watch This Holiday Season

I'm a Christmas-movie-watching machine. Hallmark movies, classics, new ones - I've seen them all. My good friend came over last weekend with cookies and her Santa slippers to watch a Christmas love story with me and I was in heaven. (That's definitely a fun activity to do with friends or family if you're looking for something to do together without having to get all dressed up.) 

I watched two Hallmark movies in one day yesterday (oops), so I got really inspired to share all my favorite holiday movies! In no particular order, here are 5 movies you need to watch before Christmas!

Elf  //  If you haven't seen Elf by now, I don't know where you've been. This movie makes me laugh so hard and I really enjoy watching it with my family year after year... I never get sick of it!

With Love, Christmas  //  Big shoutout to my dad for always watching cheesy Christmassy movies with me and never complaining about them having the same plot! This movie, however, switched things up a bit and was really, really cute. My heart was so happy at the end of it that I thought it was going to explode - in a good way.

Christmas With the Kranks  //  I LOVE this movie!!!!! I don't know why it's always been my favorite, but it has been and (I think) will always be.

Window Wonderland  //  Another Hallmark special that starts with hatred and ends with love - what more can you ask for? Oh, and the characters were so special and well-developed! 

Home Alone  //  You should hear my little siblings laugh at this movie... they think it's the most hysterical thing ever. If you're looking for a good chuckle, Home Alone won't disappoint! 

What are your favorite holiday movies?