14 Years!

I'm on level 14 as of Saturday!! Thirteen was a great year filled with many smiles, laughs, great people, trips to the beach, and cups of coffee. I'm infinitely grateful for the new friends I made, opportunities I was given, family members that have continued to be my number one fans, and lessons I learned throughout the past year. My life surely wouldn't be the same without such wonderful people in it - you know who you are and I hope you know how much I appreciate you. Before I turn this into something that sounds too much like a graduation speech, here are some reflections on year thirteen...

Opportunities are important - Every single person on this earth is given an opportunity - at one point or another - and it's up to them to take it or not, to succeed or not, to make a difference or not. You'll never know about anything until you try it and you'll never be able to do anything great if you're not willing to get out of your own little bubble.

Compliments are free, GIVE THEM - "If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it." It's the best feeling when someone says something kind to you, so why not do it to others?! I love going out with my mom because she's never afraid to compliment someone... they're always so happy after and it makes me realize how big something so small can mean.

Your happiness is in the hands of YOU - You and you alone. It's safe to say I was the happiest I've ever been this past year. Not as much because of other people or because of what happened (although I do have the greatest people in my life), but because I started to appreciate the smaller things. Small things like flowers, getting a coffee with my mum after school, waking up early to a quiet world, hearing the birds, the ocean, my teddy bear of a puppy... The world is yours for the taking and when you figure that out and start to enjoy even the littlest things it has to offer, you won't be disappointed.

You can't please everyone - For the longest time, I drove myself insane trying to please everyone I met. This past year taught me that only shallow, two-faced people are capable of that and that being real is one hundred times more important... and more fun.

I can make you a smoothie if you'd like !!!

Music is good for the soul
- My mom always says it runs in the family, but I have an affinity for music. I haven't gone a day without listening to a song in over a year now and I appreciate music more and more as I get older. I think without singing in the shower, dancing around the house, and listening to it in the car, I would have lost my sanity by now.

13 was a sunny one, but I'm looking forward to what 14 has in store!

Stay on the sunny side,