Easy Snacks to Spice Up Your Lunch

I've packed the exact same lunch almost every single day this year for school. If you went up to my friend and asked her what I pack every day she'd recite it right away without any trouble at all - an apple with peanut butter, a granola bar, and either strawberries or cantaloupe. (Right, Cailin?!) I'm not going to deny that they're so boring because I'm too lazy to spend five minutes making some extravagant lunch, because it's true. Places to go, people to see, things to do, you know?! I recently started to get so sick of having the same thing every stinkin' day. I went to the grocery store with my mom last week and picked out some new snacks and foods to use to whip together a quick, yummy, healthy lunch. The best of all three worlds! This week's lunches have been so easy and fun. (Sounds quirky, I know.) 

Luna Bars  //  I think I meant to buy Lara bars - I saw my friend Grace with one and thought it looked yummy - but somehow ended up with this kind. It worked out well; they're so good!! I've always been down for snacks that fill me up quick. (Caramel walnut brownie is my favorite)

Pretzel Crisps  //  I'm not sure why but I've always found them better than real pretzels; they're easy and a little something different.

Veggie Salad  //  It feels weird writing that, but I'm lacking any better term. Salads are great and all and I have them often, but I get bored of lettuce (it feels weird writing that, too). For school, I just have cucumbers, sweet peppers, and feta cheese with dressing. It's a lot quicker than making a salad and tastes just as good (if not better). I'm sure adding grilled chicken would be yummy if you were looking for a little extra protein.

And the classics...
Yogurt w/ fruit and granola
Boom Chicka Pop popcorn
Carrots and dressing
Apple slices and peanut butter (it kills me to say that, but I guess they're good 🤣)