Living a Happier, Healthier Life

Happiness is key. Cliche? Of course. True? Absolutely. Happy souls are healthy souls! I've changed up and added some things to my daily routine that really do have such a positive impact on my happiness and my life in general ↓↓

Journaling  //  I've been working on writing down my thoughts every night before I go to bed. I document the good days, the bad days, the happy days, the sad days, the fun days, the boring days. (I know, you get the point.) I write out the lessons I've learned through both positive and negative experiences and use that to make the next day even better. If a girl like me says she can do this, so can you; trust me. I never really saw the point of keeping a journal, so I never made the time, but I'm so glad I started. It's made me really focus on noticing all the "happy stuff". Plus, it's kinda fun to go back and read about the days past.

Less time on my phone  //  This is tough; really tough. I always feel like I have to stay connected with my friends on Snapchat or Instagram or through texting - I mean, I am a teenager 💁- but I hate it. My phone makes me feel tied up and other than throwing it in the ocean, the only way to stop that is to just leave it alone. I made a new rule for myself - I spend only 30 minutes on it per day (give or take a little lol). It's been great... hard, but great.

Mixing things up  //  I don't know about you, but I don't live in the most exciting town. I love my friends and school and house, but there's nothing out-of-the-ordinary that happens around here. My biggest wish is to be able to live on the water, climb out the window, and have a beach bonfire with my friends (!!!), but that's not necessarily realistic. I'm a sucker for routines, but lately, I've found myself straying away from them - just a little - and seeking more "adventure". (The daily grind gets old after a while.) Whether it just be changing up the order I get ready in the morning or starting new little hobbies, I'm having fun with change - embracing it, actually!

Talk soon,