Room Tour !!!

I've been gradually redoing my room since December and for all those patiently waiting to see the final product since then... I FINISHED!! Finally. I know if I delay this any longer I won't necessarily be making any friends, so here we go... ps everything is linked at the end of the post! 

Ta-da! I can't even tell you how much I love it. I got new carpeting, painted all the woodwork white, and have a completely different color scheme than before. Here's a picture prior to redecorating. 

For the longest time, I loved my room. The carpet needed a little work, of course, but it was perfect for me at the time despite that. As I got older, my style and liking changed, - a lot - so I really wanted to switch it up. I had that aqua duvet cover for so long. My room now really reflects me; I couldn't ask for anything more. 

If you were to tell me I'd have pink in my room a few years ago, I'd never have believed you. Well, here we are with a bright pink nightstand, monogram, and picture. Navy is my favorite, so this duvet cover is right up my alley. (Although it's not advertised, I think it's reversible; the other side is completely navy.)

The oars make it a little more nautical! My mom actually painted the big one for me and I got it as a Christmas gift, but the smaller one is only $20 at Target! 

I'm so proud of how my mini gallery wall turned out. I got all of these prints from my grandparents for Christmas, framed them, and hung them up all by myself (!!!). The Etsy shop they're from has so many different prints to choose from, find the artist here.


Shop my room:
duvet cover, curtains, my nightstand was painted pink, monogram pillow, print above my bed (request for custom color), mounted oar (without hooks), initial (painted), planner, bookshelf print, girl w flowers print, monogram and oar print, bicycle and stripes print - sold out, pencil holder