Welcome Back!

Hello friends! It's been almost a year since the last time I posted here, and ohhh what year it's been! I've kept my Instagram account active and I've thought about this blog almost every single day since I stopped using it, but it's amazing what can change in a year! I've been soaking up every experience, change, and opportunity that's come my way and now I'm so excited to reboot this blog and get back to posting again; I've missed it a lot!

Over the past few months, I've been updating and changing around the website, so you'll notice that I have an entirely new theme and logo. Our family friend was so sweet to design the logo for me exactly how I wanted it, and I spent a lot of time searching for a new theme that was the perfect mix of fun and professional -- I'm beyond happy with how it turned out!

my new logo! 

... and this was my old logo. I created this for myself a few years ago, so I really needed some help ;) 

Now, if you've been following this blog since I was a little eighth-grader in 2017, you know that this originally started as a preppy fashion blog... ironic since 90% of the time now I'm wearing athletic clothing, but hey, people change ;) I rebranded a few years ago and changed from Prepster in Pearls to Living a Sunny Life, where I began to focus on physical health by sharing recipes and workouts. I still really love the name of my site, in part because as I continue to change, my idea of a sunny life does as well; it's always fitting, and it always reflects me. While physical health is still extremely important to me, I've begun to realize the importance of finding things that keep me mentally healthy, too. A sunny life isn't just eating well and working out -- it's about finding the things, whether it be books or running or morning coffee, that make life a little more joyful. Through my own journey of finding the little things that make me happy no matter what life brings, I hope I can inspire others to do the same! 

Welcome back! I'm looking forward to what this new chapter has in store!

stay on the sunny side,