Life Lately vol. 4

Happy December! I just got back to school on Monday to finish up 13 more days of school until winter break! Fall was so busy this year and it seems like just yesterday we were roasting in the August humidity.

This season went by especially fast here at my new school. Boarding school life is CRAZY -- in a good way. There's so much going on, so many required events, and so many people around to chat with. Last year, I only had to commit to academics and field hockey... adding in club meetings, community dinners, doing laundry, giving tours, meetings with teachers, dorm chores, working at school events, and team meals have filled up (and maybe overflowed) my plate! 

There's always something to do here on campus... and when there's not, everyone is sleeping 😜

But to briefly catch you up on the past few months:

1. My field hockey team made it to the championship! // We lost by one goal, but we played a great game and had a really good season of 18-3 overall. Nothing to complain about!

2. I became a tour guide! // I show prospective students around campus during my free time in the school day - it's been a blast and so fun to meet people from all over the world (China, Wisconsin, Florida).

3. I'm writing for the school newspaper this winter // I start this week and will be writing every day after school for the winter trimester! I'm excited to try something different!

4.  I got (ALL) my hairs cut! // Because change is fun, right?!! My cousin is my hairdresser and she cut a little over 5 inches off last week - it feels so fresh now!

5. I've watched over 10 Christmas movies already // The holiday season is so special to me because of the joyous mood that comes along with it. Hallmark movies are my favorite because of their simple, happy plots and Netflix has made a lot of great Christmas movies, also! (The Princess Switch, Let it Snow, and The Knight Before Christmas are all good ones on Netflix.) When I was home for Thanksgiving break, I focused on kicking off the holidays well-rested and laying low to be ready to get right into the swing of training/school.

I hope you had a restful Thanksgiving and are welcoming the holiday spirit!

P.S. it snowed yesterday!!!! ...a decent amount, but we don't have any snow days because most students and faculty live on campus. Did you have your first snow yet?

talk soon and...

stay on the sunny side,


  1. I am so proud of all you're doing!! I wrote for my school newspaper too--cheers to a wonderful holiday season, Katelyn/ the yellow spectacles

  2. Good for you Meg! Sounds like you're really involved at school and having a great time! I studied journalism in school, and I hope you love writing for your school paper xx

    -Nicolette Muro |

  3. Thank you, Nicolette! You are so sweet!