The Key to a Bright Smile + Other Beauty Tips

I feel so weird writing "beauty tips" in a title of one of my posts because that's so not me. I wear mascara maybe twice a month, throw my hair in a bun often, and never have my nails painted; I'm not very high maintenance. With that being said, don't take that phrase as having to do with being glamorous and all - you don't have to be a beauty queen to take good care of skin... or your hair... or your teeth. Not at all, actually. All this being said, I do think looking (and feeling) somewhat presentable is important.

Each night, I make sure that among the many other things I have to do, there's always time to take care of my face, teeth, and hair so I'm ready to rock and roll the next morning!

Pearly-White Teeth
I'm not going to deny that I've always been a little obsessed with super white, straight teeth. Soooo you can imagine that the first day without braces, I immediately wanted to start whitening mine. My teeth are suuuuper sensitive, and after looking into a bunch of different methods, I knew that strips wouldn't be the most comfortable. I tried charcoal for a while, but the only outcome was turning three toothbrushes black. Although I usually swear by coconut oil, oil pulling didn't seem to work either.

Thank God - whitening trays and gel that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Smile Brilliant works incredibly for me. With the desensitizing gel, I have no sensitivity whatsoever and my teeth look so much brighter. I was sitting with my friend the other day and she asked me what I'd been doing because my teeth looked so much whiter - it kinda made my day knowing that I had finally received my ideal pair of chompers!! Even better, all you have to do is keep your trays in 45 min - 3 hours a night while you're doing other things - there's no waiting around brushing for 5+ minutes with charcoal. And unlike most other products, the custom-fitted trays cover, and therefore whiten, all parts of your smile! The process of taking impressions, receiving trays, and whitening was quick and easy; everything I needed for a positive experience was provided, including great customer service, instruction sheets, and prepaid and addressed packages (for when the impressions needed to be sent back to be made into trays).


And guess what!!!
You can enter to win a full whitening package from Smile Brilliant ($149 store credit) by clicking here. Giveaway is open for 14 days to Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States. In the meantime, you can use my code livingasunnylife15 to get 15% off your order at Smile Brilliant!  

Soft, Smooth Hair
Two words: coconut oil. It makes your hair super oily if it's not rinsed out, so I apply it to my hair (and leave it in a bun) before I shower for anywhere from 15-45 minutes, let it sit, and then wash it out. The next morning, my hair doesn't need to be straightened and it's always impressively smooth!

Clear Skin
I don't have a skincare routine that takes an hour long, nor do I typically use more than three products. (I've never been into putting a lot on my skin.) Every night, I wash my face in the shower with a face cloth - it makes my skin so much softer and helps scrub it - even more - clean. If I had worked out before, I use astringent after I shower, and then moisturizer. Pretty simple, but I swear just washing your face (CONSISTENTLY) with the right cleanser and a face cloth does the trick!

I would never recommend any product I don't love and wouldn't use myself - all thoughts are my own! Thank you, Smile Brilliant, for sponsoring this post and for my pearly-whites!!