Meet Charlie

I wish all of you could jump through whatever you're reading this on to meet Charlie in person... he's the best (not biased 😜). He's a 12 week-old mini Goldendoodle and only weighs a mere 12 pounds. He's so lovable and (sort of) a good listener. His fluffy little face is so hard to leave... going to school in the morning kills me. Anyhow, I'm so, so, so happy he's mine!

Charlie's so well-behaved and loves to cuddle. He has a stick obsession and carries his toy donut that squeaks and squeaks and squeaks everywhere he goes. Did I mention he likes sticks? (I caught him with one easily twice times the size of him in his mouth yesterday.) I'm already finding myself loving him like I've had him forever and it's been less than a week. You can expect to see a bunch of pictures and videos of him on my story to come!

Talk soon,