Your Daily Dose of Good News

With the constant talk of COVID-19 accompanied by cold, dark winter days, it’s not exactly the happiest of times. The days can easily seem as dreary as it looks outside, and the ceaseless stream of less-than-uplifting news feels like a weight trying to pull you down at all times. So, I’ve set out to find some good news to brighten your day! It’s time to tune out all the draining noise of the world and open our eyes to all the good that goes unreported.

this was a little poem from a book I read -- so cute! 

Earlier in January, college student and Maryland resident Jake Degnon lost his wallet in a snowstorm and was unable to retrieve it. He had lots of Christmas money in it accompanied by his school ID, license, and all his cards, but despite revisiting all the places he brought it, he could not find it anywhere. The next morning, Jake was up early preparing to head back to college when the doorbell rang at 8 a.m. A local landscaper, Juan, had found the wallet and returned it with all the money and cards in tow. See, there are still plenty of good people in the world!

Jake's mom was sure to snap a selfie with Jaun

In case you need more evidence that there are many good humans in this world, Registered Nurse Jennifer Smith’s story assures us that there are. She works at New York’s Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing Center at Rome and quickly became close with one of her patients, John Burley. When Burley was hospitalized with pneumonia and had to leave behind his 12-year-old dog, Boomer, while he was in the hospital. Boomer was taken to the pound when they discovered his owner was unable to care for him, and Burley immediately called Smith to tell her. Smith tracked down the dog and filed papers to rescue him so that he would not risk being adopted by another family or being put down. With Boomer in Smith’s care, she was able to bring him to work with her so that Burley could spend time with him. John Burley has had Boomer since he was a puppy, and thanks to Smith, he doesn’t have to worry about being separated from him ever again.

Also, did you know that solar shingles have been invented?! A much sleeker and more aesthetic approach to solar panels, these shingles can easily be installed with a nail gun and look like a typical roof shingle. Solar energy is a great, clean energy source that is environmentally friendly, and these shingles are one step to take to heal the planet!

One last thing for all the plant-based, vegan, and vegetarian peeps – KFC has partnered with Beyond Meat to bring Beyond Fried Chicken Nuggets to their menu, which contain plant-based “chicken.” This new option was made available on January 10 at all US locations.

It takes a little extra searching to find, but happy news is out there! I found all these stories on the Good News Network website, and there are so many more for you to read if you need some cheering up!