A Clear View with Warby Parker

Ever since I was little, glasses were always the coolest thing. (Why? I have no idea. Maybe because my older sister wore them?!) I love tortoise glasses, and they look so sophisticated, but I don't have a strong prescription, so I don't necessarily need to wear them. I always thought that buying glasses just for fashion was a waste of money, but I must confess that I really want to get a pair this year. I keep picturing how cute they'll look with a cozy sweater in the fall and white jeans in the spring, which makes me want to buy a pair even more! (I have an ongoing bad habit of obsessing over something until I convince myself to spend the money and get it. Not good, I know!!) I've been looking at a few online places to get a pair of glasses, and when Warby Parker reached out to me, I looked at their website and immediately fell in love with this pair!

On a similar note, Warby Parker just released new eyeglasses in the Fall Concentric collection. They have the nicest glasses, and I'm so excited about some of their new styles for the fall, especially this pair! You can take a peek at some of their other new eyeglasses from the collection below! 

The glasses above are currently out of stock.

The two tortoise ones above are my preference, but the other pairs below are fun and add a pop of color to any outfit! 

Glasses above

Do you wear glasses? How do you like this new style in the Fall Concentric collection?