What to Watch - Summer Movie Nights

Who else loves summer movie nights? I have always looked forward to staying up late to watch a chick-flick with my older sister or getting pizza and sitting down to a comedy movie with my whole family! So... I've made a list of my favorite movies of different genres and their synopses! Enjoy!

Films For Future Girls' Nights

The Last Song
PG (recommended for teens and adults)

I feel like there's been so much hype about Miley Cyrus lately, and this movie throws it way back to before she and Liam Hemsworth were even a thing. I love this film because it's such a cute (but realistic) love story. In this movie, Miley Cyrus is a bad girl that is sent to her father's beach house to straighten out her behavior. While she is there, she, reluctantly, falls in love with a cute boy in town. I promise you this movie won't disappoint!

Dear John
PG-13 (recommended for teens and adults)

I know - the title pretty much gives away the whole storyline, but in this movie, a soldier falls in love with a girl, but when he gets deployed, the only way they can stay in touch is through letters. I won't spoil the ending... 

Other good options:

Funny Family Movies

Parental Guidance
PG (all ages)

This is a perfect movie for ALL ages - my six-year-old sister enjoys it just as much as my dad! In this movie, two overly-protective, overbearing, tech-savvy parents are hesitant to go on vacation and leave their children with the grandparents. This movie illustrates a hysterical and chaotic week in which three spoiled children live in a completely different way than what they're used to. 

The Pacifier 
PG (more of a children's movie)

I'm not going to lie; if you're into R rated movies and such, you might think this film is ridiculous. I enjoyed watching it with my family, but no, it's probably not going to be an adult's all-time-favorite movie. To summarize, a Navy SEAL fails to protect a man from assassination, so to redeem himself, he must watch the man's five children while their mom is away.

Other good options:

Inspirational / Sports Movies

The Blind Side
PG-13 (recommended for teens and adults) 

This movie is great for all types of people - whether you love sports or hate them! In this film, a homeless black teen is taken in by a rich family in town that transforms his life by helping him succeed in school and encouraging him to find/pursue a passion for football. 

PG (all ages)

Looking for a great example of how hardwork and devotion really does pay off? If so, I think you've found yourself the perfect movie! The persistent Rudy strives to attend and play football at the University of Notre Dame. Due to his low grades and lack of money to pay for tuition, the chances of his dream actually coming true are very slim. 

Other good options:

I hope this helped you pick out a few good movies to watch?! Let me know if you've seen any of these and your review - I'd love to hear from you! Are there any other movies not on this list that you love?