Life Lately vol. 3

School is out, I have so much more free time, and I'm here to give you the scoop on all that's been up lately.
First of all, I want to thank you for bearing with me. All I want to do is write, but my mind has been failing me when it comes to thinking up ideas for blog posts. I've been trying to journal and plan ideas for the past few weeks and am hoping that one of these days my creativity will come back from vacation ;)

found this picture from my first day of high school field hockey tryouts  - I'm this excited (and also really nervous at the same time) for this year!

A main goal of mine when I started this blog back in 7th grade was to keep it real and personal. I've always been sort of a come-on-too-strong kinda girl and, chances are, within 20 minutes of meeting me you'll know my entire life story. I'm not much for quiet and I love to know about people and their lives. I guess you could call me nosy, but I see it more as a curiosity. So, with a blog that's my very own and a blank page for whatever's on my mind, here's a little update on all that's been up lately.

I've finished two books since school got out. I loved them both. The Salt House and The Tattooist of Auschwitz. I 10/10 would recommend them both to everyone.

Summer training has officially started. I work out 3x a week early in the mornings with trainers at a gym... and I love it. I'm always so tired out by the end and I can already feel myself getting stronger + more flexible. I've also been running on my off days and practicing field hockey whenever I get the chance - tryouts are coming quick!

I've been poking around for dorm things (probably too much). I've never really stayed away from home for a long time, nevermind moving into somewhere completely new by myself! Boarding school is going to be a whole different ballgame, so my totally type-A personality has me always on the hunt for things that may be useful to bring. :) Oh, and with the dress code, I've been poking around for lots of new dresses/skirts/formal pants and shirts.

Most importantly, I've been having a fun summer with little technology time, absolutely 0 school drama, and quality time with my family.
Talk soon! and...

stay on the sunny side!!

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