New Habits + Gradual Change

This time of year is always full of so much potential for so many people - resolutions, goals, reflecting on past achievements. I like change + even more so a challenge, so I was so tempted to set some crazy goal and try to get it done by the end of January. (Mind you, I didn't know what it was going to be because I never got that far.) I reread last-years blog post about how much I resent New Year's resolutions and decided to squash that whole idea. I've made good progress since last year and I don't think I need an unrealistic, crazy "challenge" for January to "kick me into gear" (another buzzword I've been hearing a lot lately; you're probably not being as lazy as you think you are, so chill and just make gradual changes!) A few days ago, I was looking through my bullet journal and stumbled across a half-finished page and immediately knew what today's post was going to be about. The page was titled "make it a habit" and I thought, especially being around resolution-time-of-year, this post seemed so fitting.