Finding your Artsy Side

Throughout these past few months with field hockey, I've taken a step back from being fully committed to involving myself with other bloggers and companies, posting consistently, and writing with full passion. My mind always seems to be elsewhere when I'm writing, like how I should be studying for that upcoming test, how I need to be practicing field hockey, or that I could be out playing with my siblings, so posts always get put on the back burner while everything else gets done. I think that with all the stress of school and playing, the thing I really needed during the season was to be able to sit down and write everything down here, but I always just chugged through (#studentathletegrind) and here we are. I'm one of those people that thrives when I'm busy and I can't just sit around and do nothing, so this fall - my first year of high school and playing a high school sport - has been great. I've learned that sometimes you've just gotta prioritize because you won't always to be able to get everything you want to get done finished. I quickly said goodbye to being able to get all my homework for the week done on Monday night and have learned that I'll go insane if I try to pull off getting all of an assignment done on Friday night so I have the rest of the weekend free.

As for field hockey, no, I'm not done - we just entered postseason (state sectional quarterfinals today!!) and are hoping to go really far as a team. Our games are only an hour and since JV has finished their season, I don't have to stay later afterward. On days we don't have games, two-hour practices are fully manageable and leave a good amount of time to make a good lunch for the next day, do all my homework, eat dinner with my family, and go to bed early. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself with the season fully comes to a close. I've been planning post ideas and working on them these past few weeks, so I'm back in it! I'm already planning my own workouts for when I'm not doing conditioning for the season and I've been spending so much time on Pinterest for new meals and snacks to make so I can switch it up a bit.

I have a story...
Sitting in study without any homework to do (rare case, I know), I decided to fiddle around with an app I had just downloaded. I found pictures of all the things I like and what closest defines my character and had so much fun with it. I found a bright and cheery background, made stickers of all the pictures I had, and formatted them to make my own sort of collage. I felt like a graphic designer or something and didn't realize that by the time I finished, over 20 minutes had passed. I was in heaven just messing with this app and am so happy with how my little creation turned out. I also recently saw bullet journals on Pinterest and thought the idea was so cool - organization and creativity all in one!! I started one a few days ago and am looking to forward to designing the pages using calligraphy, banners, doodles, and lots of colors. (I've only done one page so far.) I'm always looking for new ideas of what to draw (or write) and it's made me aware of how cool art is. Now all I want to do is make collages and be artistic, which, if you know me, is so unusual - I used to avoid drawing, painting, and most all other forms of art - except for photography - at all costs because I couldn't do it for the life of me.

My point - well, I think there's some kind of art for everyone. Whether it's painting, drawing, creating collages, starting a bullet journal, ceramics, photography, or origami, I think it's important to find something creative that you enjoy doing. Maybe you've already found it or maybe you're still convinced there's nothing artistic you'll ever appreciate doing, but I hope if the last phrase is you, you'll keep looking for your CREATIVE SPARK!!

Talk soon...
but for now, you can find me doodling 😁😁

Stay on the sunny side,

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