Quotes + Lessons I'm Taking with me to High School

Inspiration for posts is running low - maybe because I've been really focused on field hockey, maybe because I was enjoying the last few days of summer with my family before school started, but whatever it is, it's been putting blogging on the back burner. I'm not going to apologize because I don't think there's anything wrong with changing up your priorities so that a hobby isn't in the top 3, and hey, I didn't go anywhere permanently. Field hockey is going well, school is really busy - and a lot of work -but good, and I'm slowly but surely getting into the swing of things being able to manage both and have free time for things like blogging (although free time still isn't necessarily abundant). Alright, enough with the belly-aching, let's get to the positive stuff!! 

We'll take it back to a little bit before the start of school ←←

I knew high school was going to be something different - a little more exciting, a little more freedom, a little more work, and full of so many things that were unknown. I didn't know if my friends would change, teachers would be nice, or what team I would be on for field hockey. I didn't even know where any of my classes were, what time I had to be on the bus for an away game, or if I could use my phone or not. But I did know a lot of things; a lot of things I had been taught - whether it be by my parents, older - and even younger - siblings, other family members, teachers, coaches, and family friends. I knew that every day, you wake up, give thanks for what you have, and make your day the best one possible. I knew that even when things don't go your way you've just gotta roll with it. I knew that you won't always be the best athlete, the smartest, or the most popular, but you must always be the kindest. I knew that you can't make everyone happy and that's okay. I knew that with hard work, an open mind, and kindness, you can do almost anything you set your mind to. And I think that what I was taught is 100x more important than knowing how to open a locker or what to pack for a pre-practice snack (apples, nuts, and kind bars are good options, though). High school is going well so far, and I give credits to music, these quotes ↓, my field hockey team, and my awesome family for that! You all rock!

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I hope to be back here again sOoN!!! Talk later!

Stay on the sunny side,

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