Fitting Into a Personality Type

With blogging, I've read that it's important to fit into a category - countless blogging guides tell you to pick a niche and stick to it. Even outside of blogging, a lot of times it's expected that our personalities are one-sided and limited to what can be grouped into a classification. A post - what personality type are you - came up on my Pinterest feed a little while back, so I clicked on it, read it through, and it left me puzzled. I couldn't stop thinking; I'm not any of these, I have a trait from almost every different one.

As a blogger and as a person, I don't fit into one category (and neither do you, most likely!!). No matter how hard I tried to suppress myself from overlapping personality types and writing niches, I outgrew having such a small space to work with, both in building my character and my blog posts. Ideas for posts became harder and harder to think of with a (strictly only) fashion blog. I contemplated what I did as an individual to make sure I didn't seem contradictory. I remember getting ready to hit publish on one of my posts that I had worked so hard on and really put a lot of thought into, but I stopped. My friends know me more as being a goofball  - what would they think of me if they read this? Would I confuse them? What would readers think? Would I confuse them too? Looking back now, it's a shame that I let the fear of being judged for a hidden aspect of my character get in the way of something I was proud of. I've become more confident in myself and in my writing by letting myself be anything I wanted to be... and you can do the exact same thing; there are no limits to your character. You can be a yogi that listens to hip-hop, a New Englander that doesn't like Dunkin Donuts (😜), or a 3-sport athlete that enjoys school. You can be sweet and shy but not afraid to stand up for yourself. You can be super Type-A about school/work, but laid-back with everything else. You can dress preppy but wear sweatpants when you want. Our personalities are too rich and intricate to be categorized... and that's a good thing. You have so much to offer; don't limit yourself because of a standard you think you have to live by.

As for me? Well, I'm into healthy eating, but I respect my ice cream. I can be super sarcastic, but a lot of my posts are personal and heartfelt. I love school, but I would go nuts if it weren't for the weekends. I wear dresses, sweaters, and blouses to school, but I'm perfectly content in Under Armour shorts and a t-shirt. I'm Meghan - not a hypocrite, not contradictory, not two-faced. And no matter who you are, you can have a detailed, vibrant, elaborate personality that can't be categorized - and that's a pretty cool thing.

Stay on the sunny side,

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