Wednesday Thoughts

 If you read the end of my last post you'd know I wasn't really planning on posting anything until I came home from vacation... well, that was short-lived; I finished all the books and schoolwork I brought with me way quicker than I was expecting. I'm happy to have some time to write... there are so many things I've been thinking about lately. 

Sunsets/Sunrises  //  Gosh, they're beautiful. In fact, I think they might be one of the most beautiful things on this earth. It's easy to take them for granted since you can see them twice a day, but it's the best to be able to enjoy every one. 

Puppies  //  My family is getting a sweet little Goldendoodle - Charlie - the day we get home from vacation, and I can't help but think about him ALL the time. The breeder has been in contact with my mom, sending pictures and videos of him once a week, and I can't wait to snuggle him up! He's a little, brown ball of energy just looking to be played with and loved... and I'm so excited to do just that!

Sixteenth Summer (Book)  //  If you're anything like me and enjoy reading romance novels, this will be right up your alley... I LOVED it!!!!!

A Bend in the Road (Book)  //  This book is incredible. I think I read 200 pages in a single day because I just could not put it down. It's part romance and part law enforcement (?? the man is a cop trying to investigate who killed his wife). 

Lilly Pulitzer Swim Collection  //  FINALLY. I've been wanting Lilly to start selling swimsuits for the longest time and I love all the styles they released; they're so modest and colorful!

Have a great rest of your week!! 

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