Old Navy Finds I've Been Loving Lately

I got a gift card to Old Navy for Christmas and I had the hardest time deciding what to buy - I loved everything (really, everything). They all-around kill it - their prices are great, their styles are great, their quality is great. They've got all the closet staples, all the trendy looks, all the stylish athletic wear.
My dad took me there to help him pick out a gift for my mom (he's a terrible shopper on his own), and my eyes were hopping all over the place - there were so many great things to choose from. I've rounded up my favorite pieces from Old Navy below - happy shopping!! 

A Hint of Plaid

Can someone please remind me why I live in New England again?! It's crazy outside right now... the wind, the snow, the cold. Although, I can't complain - school was canceled for the day, so I've been so productive! 

Anyyyyhowwww... I've been back to school for two days now, so it's been fun picking out and wearing some of my new outfits I got for Christmas - like this one! I'm usually not one for scarves, - they itch my neck and get in the way - but I got two new plaid ones as gifts and I love them! This one added the perfect pop of color to my outfit!