What to Do When You're Having a Hectic Day

Ok, this week has been so crazy. I haven't been feeling 100% myself and I've had so many tests in school. I really can't complain because of all the college students taking finals, but no one (no matter their age) likes to be swamped with work. I wasn't feeling the most inspired to write and get a post up on Tuesday, but now that I'm back, I'm realizing how much blogging serves as a stress-reliever for me. 

It's so important to me to really make sure I'm taking care of myself even when I feel like I don't have the time. It doesn't really go over well when I study all evening and never give my mind or body a break - I start to lose my focus, I get frustrated, and I'm more tempted to just stop altogether. I've thought up all my favorite things to slow down the madness of a crazy week/day.

Take a hot shower  //  Play some music through a speaker and get in the shower. Even though I have to do it every night, this helps me relax and wind down when I'm really stressed. When you get out, start fresh!

Go for a run  //  I definitely prefer running outdoors, but even just hopping on the treadmill when things are hectic clears your mind. I always get really into my run and it becomes my primary focus, which takes my mind off of all other things.

Check your phone  //  I always try to put my phone away when I'm studying or doing homework, so taking a little break to check social media and answer all my messages from friends is a nice little break. I hate knowing that I have unread messages, which I kind of hate myself for, but getting to check in to make sure everything is opened (why am I like that?!) makes me feel so much more content.

Snack break!!  //  I went downstairs to have a little bowl of popcorn to break up my studying last night and I swear I was a new person when I returned. I don't think eating while working plays out very well, (I seem to feel rushed) so taking a break to fuel up helps me go back into things with a new focus. 

What do you do when you're having a crazy day and need to take a breather? 

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