Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

After reading about Dia&Co's primary focus and mission, it really hit me hard how many people deal with negative body images and are therefore worried about wearing things that aren't 100% in their "safe zone." I discovered that every Friday at their office they have what's called a "Try-Day Friday" - in which everyone at their workplace wears an article of clothing that's out of their comfort zone or something they would be worried about wearing on a regular basis. That's genius. I wore a ribbon in my hair to school the other day (that I personally loved) and after getting on the bus with it in, I was so nervous that other people would make a mockery of it. Granted that's just a hair accessory and not something more edgy, it was still unsettling not knowing what others were going to think. After a day at school, having received multiple compliments on it, I drew a major conclusion.

Why should I even care what others think??

I was kind of mad at myself for being so apprehensive about wearing it. I loved my ribbon and thought it was so cute, so it shouldn't have mattered what others would say. (Oh, and I kind of started a trend... the next day I saw multiple girls from my school with ribbons in their hair!! 😏) It's no fun to always play it safe and never try new styles or clothing because of your figure. As a whole, this goes for all aspects of life, so have a little fun and try something new - a new exercise, type of food, hairstyle; anything big or small! 

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