Frigid Day in a Flannel

Scrolling through Twitter, I feel like everyone's tweeting about how they got all their posts done for the next few weeks, and I'm kinda jealous. I wish I could just sit down at my computer and type away all day long. Though I haven't had all the time in the world to blog, I've started off the second term of school strong, I started running on the treadmill more often, and I feel like I'm getting to spend a lot more quality time with my family. (Hallmark Christmas movies really bring us all together. 😛) I'm a happy camper with nothing to complain about!

While I was in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving this past week, my mom, sister, and I took a walk down to the lake to take some pictures and enjoy the beautiful scenery! This outfit is such a classic - a cable knit sweater, flannel, and jeans. I'm all for layering to try to keep warm in the colder months, so this cozy outfit is one of my favorites in my closet. I won't bore you with a tremendous amount of detail about what I wore, so here are some pictures... Oh, and you can shop my outfit at the end of the post! :) Happy almost weekend!

Sweater (similar)  |  Flannel Shirt  |  Shoes (similar)

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