Fully Enjoying Fall Adventures

On Sunday, I went apple picking and through a corn maze with my family, and I had an absolute blast!! Going through a maze with six people that all wanted to go different ways kept me giggling the whole trip. I think we went around the same loop 15 times, but we all made it out together with our tickets fully hole-punched. Yessss! Of course, when we went apple picking, my family picked enough apples to overflow our bag, and when we regrouped, we had another five apples each. (Have no fear; they'll be gone next week.)

I didn't take any outfit pictures, and I just wore jean shorts and a long-sleeve shirt, but I had the best time. I often find myself looking for opportunities to take photos, like at the apple orchard, but just enjoying the trip without a camera or fancy outfit on felt so good. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for photo shoots at a picturesque scene, but when you're having a fun time with the ones you love, I strongly suggest you put the phone/camera down and just enjoy.

All in all, with society nowadays being so obsessed with our technology, it can be so hard to unplug, but it feels like a weight lifted off your shoulders when you do! Here are the very few pictures my mom and I took of the scenery and my family!

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