Keeping Things Neat and Tidy

As my family is well-aware of, I am the ultimate clean freak... but I'm not the least bit ashamed of it. The other day, I tried to imagine what my life would be like if I weren't so Type A, but I honestly and truly couldn't do it. I love to make messes and have fun, but I think I'd go out of mind if I never cleaned up afterward. My sister jokes that I'm going to live in a pristine, all-white apartment that never has a speck of dust or dirt inside, and honestly, that doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world. (But I'd much prefer a beach house with hydrangeas everywhere.)

Every Sunday, I like to lightly clean my room. By lightly, I mean vacuum, dust, change my sheets, and wipe down my desk and nightstand. When I'm done and have a clean carpet and furniture, I seem to have a much more positive attitude about facing the week and all of its challenges to come. Once a month, I deep clean my entire room - I wash my walls with soapy water, clean my curtain rods, vacuum, dust, shampoo my rug, go through my closet, and clean out my desk. No stone is to be left unturned! I always feel better knowing that I did something productive and am starting fresh with a clean space!

A helpful tip for a tidy house: Always take the extra few seconds to put your laundry and items away, instead of throwing them on the floor or furniture. You'll regret leaving things where they don't belong when you have to go back and clean everything up all at once.

Am I the only one that actually likes to clean?! (Mom, Dad - if you're reading this and other people have commented, I'm not the only neat-freak out there.) 

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