My Dream Dressing Room

I'm using up every single ounce of space in my current closet and making the best out of it, but for as long as I can remember, I've been so jealous of the closets in movies that are the size of my entire bedroom x 5. I mean, being able to walk into a huge room full of clothes would be pretty awesome, right?! Whatever your sense of style may be, I believe your closet should reflect it, which is why I designed my dream dressing room with a navy, white, and gold color scheme - not too flashy and not too boring. Maybe one day I'll move into a house with a 500 square foot dressing room, but for now, fantasizing about how I would decorate it will do. ;)

I can just imagine myself lounging on this sofa and looking out at all the gingham and stripes that make up my closet... Sounds good to me!


Image result for baldwin 76" slipcovered sofa deso snow

My dad and I always joke about how pillows serve absolutely no purpose besides getting in the way, but I think they're rubbing off on me. (Mom, I know you're glad I'm starting to like them.) These two pillows make a world of a difference in decorating the plain white sofa, and I love the navy in both of them!

            You, Me, & the Sea Embroidered Pillow Cover

Forget one, I want a wall of them! I currently have a wall-length mirror on the back of my door, and I use it every day! I think it's definitely a necessity - especially in a dressing room

I've always loved the idea of hampers, (even though laundry shoots are my absolute favorite!!) and when I saw this one, I knew it was too cute to pass up! 

Image result for hidalgo hamper basket

How can you tell what your outfit looks like without proper lighting?! I love the hint of gold this chandelier will add to my (make-believe 😢) dressing room. There are so many interesting lighting options at Arhaus to choose from, but this one caught my eye right away. 

Image result for hemisphere geode chandelier

For all those extra items that don't seem to fit on hangers, there's this beautiful dresser in the prettiest light gray hue - and I love it!


Though I love hardwood flooring, I can't stand it when my feet are cold from walking in rooms without rugs, so I had to pick one out for my dressing room. The navy ties into the color scheme of the room and I love how the pattern adds a little spunk! 

Image result for eloise rug arhaus

You know the drill, lighting is key. (Not to mention how the gold matches my theme perfectly and this lamp is adorable!)

Image result for clarence table lamp with natural shade in antiqued brass

If you were to ask me what my favorite thing to do is or if you were to ask me where my favorite place to be is - I'd say the beach. Everything about the sand, sun, salty sea, sailboats, and seagulls tickles my soul, so you can bet that when I saw this wall decor of a sailboat, I immediately added it to my virtual dressing room! 

Image result for yacht framed print triptych 

How would you decorate your dream dressing room? 

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