Life Lately vol. 1

It's only the third day of school, but you can find me sitting half-asleep on the couch in my comfiest pajamas, eating a larger than justifiable bowl of ice cream. If you're looking for a party, my house is not the place - all lights are out by 10:00 pm at the latest. At school, all we've really done so far is go over summer work, review class expectations, and all that other fun stuff (NOT!), and I feel like I've run a marathon by the end of every day. I'm so ready to start getting into the swing of things, and I feel like the days will pass quicker when I'm actually doing something with my time. School is quite enjoyable for me, and I'm so excited to start learning... Knowledge is power! In the meantime, I'm trying to get through all these days of completing all about me pages and making name tags. (I'm sure all elementary, middle, and maybe even high school students understand the painfulness of it.)

Putting a more exciting spin on things, I just wore my new Vineyard Vines tunic with my white jeans - before Labor Day (even though I'm going to break that rule sooner or later) - that I love together! The white and touch of aqua remind me so much of summer, and I'm trying to soak up every last bit of it before fall is in full swing. Enjoy the photos! 

We have an apple tree in my backyard, and the apples are always ready to be picked super early in the season! 

Tunic (similar)  |  White jeans  |  Sunglasses

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