Put a Little Prep in your School Supplies

I'm SO over plain school supplies. I mean, a white binder, blue calculator, and clear binder pouch are just B-O-R-I-N-G!! This year, I was determined to do something fun and interesting with my school supplies, and while scrolling through my Instagram feed for an embarrassingly long time, the idea popped into my head - put some prep in them! I thought about a few of my favorite things - monograms, Vineyard Vines, and the beach - and put them all together to make sure that my school supplies for this year will be anything but mediocre. 

Binders // As for my binders, I put some cursive monograms on coastal-themed scrapbooking paper that I bought in a book of many different sheets. Any patterned paper would add a little bit of pizzazz to a basic one-color binder, so have fun with picking out what you're going to use!

Calculator // Oh. My. Goodness. This anchor decal could quite possibly be my favorite sticker I've ever seen, nonetheless actually owned! It's so nautical, and trust me, if it can make a calculator look good, I'm sure it will look great on anything else you own!

Binder Pouch // I pulled out the classic Vineyard Vines sticker, and boom, my clear binder pouch is looking fabulous! Vineyard Vines will always be one of my favorite brands, and I can't get over how adorable their logo is, so I chose to use theirs, but any sticker will work great for adding a little character to even your most boring items!

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I decorated my supplies for this upcoming school year! Let me know how YOU decorated YOUR school supplies! 

Thank you, Southeast Monograms, for sponsoring this post! I love your company and products! 

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