A Major Style Change

I wish I could tell you I've always loved fashion, but that would be a complete and total lie. The truth of the matter is, I hated all clothes (other than Justice, Under Armour, and Nike) up until about two years ago. When I was a toddler, my mom would dress my sister in the cutest argyle socks, polo shirts, and ruffled dresses. I, however, was completely content in my sequin Justice sweatsuit, which I wouldn't be caught dead wearing now. (Yes, I'm guilty of rocking the "I 💙 Gymnastics" yoga pants.) My poor mother would beg me to wear something at least half presentable, but I wanted absolutely nothing to do with fashion. I hated ruffles, bows, pink, jeans, skirts, dresses, collared shirts, and pretty much everything else I like now. When my dad placed a big order from Vineyard Vines and asked me if I wanted anything, I turned down the opportunity in a heartbeat. When my parents took my sister and I shopping for back-to-school clothes, they couldn't even bribe me to get new dresses. Sometimes, my mom bought clothes for me in hopes that one day I would wake up and want to look nice, but nope - they just sat in the back of my drawers and collected dust.

 When I turned 10, I gave up Justice (you know, the store that sells makeup with asbestos in it, and looks like a Bedazzler exploded inside) and got into Nike and Under Armour. For my birthday, my grandmother took me shopping to the outlets near my house, which consist of Vineyard Vines, J.Crew Factory, Talbots, and other top-notch brands, but the only stores we even entered were Nike and Under Armour. I got some new Nike Elite socks, neon yellow sneakers, and graphic t-shirts, and was happy as could be. I'm not sure why I decided to wear nicer clothes, but one of my favorite things to do now is to shop for and wear well put-together outfits! 

This shirt is one that I LOVE now, but would never have even considered wearing a few years ago. It's crazy how much someone's style can change! I hope you liked my little story and enjoy the following pictures! This top is only $12, and you can find the direct link to it at the end of this post! Also, my shorts are from Tommy Hilfiger, but I linked a similar pair from Old Navy! 

Have you always enjoyed fashion, or is your story like mine? Let me know in the comments!

Top  |  Shorts (similar)  |  Bracelet

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