A Face Mask I Can Actually Wear

Face masks have always given me the impression that the second after I use them my face will become completely clear and I'll never get even one more pimple again. For this reason, I've always wanted to try one, but of course, my face breaks out in little red bumps every time I use an inorganic facial product (snobby, I know). My skin is mostly clear, so I wanted a face mask that would hydrate my skin while preventing potential breakouts... but I'm (embarrassingly) guilty of using them just for the feeling of putting one on. I finally found a mask that would be gentle on my skin, and (according to the description) ease inflammation, dark under-eye circles, and puffiness. It's also said to tighten skin and clear blemishes. What more could I ask for?! Being completely honest, I was so skeptical of trying this product that was sent to me because I wasn't sure how my skin would respond. I'm not one to write false sponsored posts, so I mean it when I say that this face mask is a miracle! That means - no - it didn't bother my skin one bit! I haven't had one pimple on my face after using it, and I love the days where I can put on my face mask, grab a cool cup of water, and read or blog while I wait for it to dry! I definitely recommend considering Mississippi Miracle Clay if you're looking into buying a new and effective face mask! 

Thank you, Mississippi Miracle Clay, for sponsoring this post! I am so thankful I found your products!

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