My Latest Bargain

I love the style of Jack Rogers and Palm Beach Sandals but I hate to spend over $100 dollars on a pair of sandals that I'll only be able to wear a few months out of the year. I've found them used on Poshmark and Ebay, but even $50 for a pair of used shoes is a little bit crazy (especially considering the fact that other people's sweaty feet have been in them... eww!). Being the bargain hunter that I tend to be, I've found a pair of look-alikes for only $30! They're super comfortable and run true-to-size! As an extra bonus, shipping was incredibly fast and they come in multiple colors! (Mine haven't fallen apart yet either, so that's good news! :) To get a pair of your own, follow the link at the end of the post!

*This is NOT a sponsored post, but rather based on my own personal experience!*

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