Embroidery and Ruffles

What's better than a $13 top with embroidery on the front, seersucker pattern, and ruffle sleeves? That's right; nothing!! I don't think this blouse could get any better! I paired it with my white jeans (they're stretchy!!), and I think I could live in the outfit! I linked the top and jeans below so that you can shop them super easily!

On a side note, I'm so excited to be going on vacation the first week of August (starting this Sunday)! Even though I'm staying in New England, I can't wait to change things up a bit! While I'm there with my family, we plan on taking a bike ride along the water, going out to lunch, playing outdoor games, spending lots of time at the beach, and going on a boat ride! I will definitely keep you updated through Instagram and have prewritten posts go up on the blog, but all the travel blog posts from there will be up the week after! 
Anyways, enjoy the pictures!  

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